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John Edwards Has Some Really Creative Field Organizers!

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Click the pic to link to Edwards’ Myspace blog, where he touts this clever political cartoon sent in from one of his operatives. Thomast Nast has nothing on this guy! Grab that public financing and run with it John! You could…go…all..the…WAY!!!!



Written by John Riewe

November 25, 2007 at 1:11 am

Edwards Still Appears to be Amateur

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Des Moine Register blogger Joel Veldkamp has shed light on another of brilliant plans that make John Edwards such an attractive Presidential candidate. Veldkamp quotes Edwards:

“What we would do is we would submit legislation saying if universal healthcare is not passed by this summer, that the Congress and members of the administration would lose their healthcare coverage.”

“In other words,” observes Veldkamp, “Edwards would ask Congress to deny themselves healthcare if they didn’t pass universal healthcare.”