A Few Thoughts on Jack Kemp

I first became acquainted with Jack Kemp prior to the Presidential election of 1996. I was about 15, and this was the first election that I paid close attention to. When Kemp was announced as Bob Dole’s running mate, I vividly remember the chants of “Dole-Kemp, Dole-Kemp!” at the GOP convention as I watched on TV. At my young age I was impressed by this former NFL champion-turned-politician who I hoped would energize Bob Dole’s campaign and perhaps give us a chance to boot Slick Willie out of the White House. Alas, it was not to be. But I remember the first campaign signs I ever put up in our yard said Dole-Kemp on them. And I’ve been a fan of Kemp’s ever since, even if in those days I didn’t know anything about his politics other than that he was a Republican. Turns out he was a good conservative. R.I.P. Jack Kemp.