Obama Finally Goes in O'Reilly

Its on now. Bill is going right after national security.

When it comes to Iran, Obama says he will not take the military option off the table. Says he can’t divulge detailed plans for a response to Iran. Diplomatic options and sanctions have not been exhausted. “Maybe” that will work says Bill.

Bill says Obama was right–Iraq was a mistake–but that Obama needs to admit the surge worked. Obama responds that the surge succeeded. But he will not admit he was wrong because we’re still wasting money over there. Bill challenges Obama to get the Iraqis to pay us back with oil money.

Then Bill call out Obama for saying McCain can’t find Bin Ladin. “You won’t invade Pakistan,” Bill says. Obama wiggles out, says time to put more pressure on Pakistan.

And like that, its over. Unlike his two-piece interview with Hillary, this one will be split up over 4 nights!

Thompson to Run on '08, Sources Say


Today’s Brian and the Judge radio show, co-host Brian Kilmeade reported that Fred Thompson–the Great Hope for Republicans disenchanted with 2008 Presidential race frontrunners Giuliani, McCain, and Romney–will indeed throw his hat into the ring later this year. Kilmeade claimed to have spoken to someone as “close to Thompson as his wife,” who said that Thompson “definitely will run,” but not until September. No reason was stated for the late entry, which provides a great source of speculation.

 americanrevolution is most definitely in the business of speculation on such things, and sees things in the Thompson case thus: This is a risky move with potentially big payoffs. Why is it risky? Well, as the pundits quipped on Brian and the Judge, all the best campaign personnel will already have been snapped up by the frontrunners. Furthermore, to begin fundraising in the fall and well after many key contributors will already have made donations to the existing frontrunners will present a hurdle as Thompson begins filling the war chest. These are all valid concerns. However, a late entry in the race does offer several advantages. First, with the highly abbreviated attention span of the American public by way of the media, Thompson will present a somewhat fresh face at a point when the buzz surrounding the current crop of contenders will be fading somewhat. Furthermore, Thompson will have time to watch Giuliani, McCain, Romney, etc., and to craft his image to represent a strong alternative to those guys who disappoint so many conservatives. Furthermore, he will by entering the race immediataly gain the support of far-right conservatives who refuseto stomach the pro-abortion Giuliani, the Mormon Romney, and the confusing maverickishness of McCain.

 So if he can overcome the aforementioned hurdles, which are rather substantial, he may just have something. americanrevolution is interested first to see if the report of Thompson’s September Splash is true, and if so how things will play out.


americanrevolution is completely and utterly fed up with the news story that is gripping the nation. Not by the conclusions being drawn, nor a liberal slant that permeates the coverage. No. Something else makes the story utterly odious. That is, that it receives coverage at all. The story? The Great Tragic Saga of Anna Nicole. americanrevolution is of the opinion that the news–and correspondingly the attention of the populace–should focus on things that actually affect life, liberty and pursuit of American happiness. The outcome of the Anna Nicole debacle, quite simply, matters not one iota. A visiting foreigner would probably think otherwise if they picked up the current issue of Newsweek, which sports a banner advertising its Anna Nicole special inside, or flipped on Fox News last night to see Greta Van Susteren’s hourlong special on the Anna Nicole trials.

This ridiculous fixation speaks to two things. First, it underlines the fact that the media is not in it to inform, rather, the media is in it for the money; and dirty laundry sells. Second, it strongly suggests where Americans’ priorities lie. This story is best left to the entertainment media. I don’t want it headlining my news. Pardon the crusty demeanor, but this one just annoys the heck out of me.

Your opinions are welcome.

Terror-Free Oil

It is unquestionable that the extent of our dependence upon foreign oil puts America largely at the mercy of the suppliers of that oil…ahem [slight pause while I cringe at the sound of Pelosi spouting off on the telly again] . Aside from the position of dependence we found ourselves in as a result, the unfortunate secondary effect is that a large percentage of the revenue our fossil-fuel habit generates ends up in the pockets of foreign leaders of questionable allegiance to American interests. Some evidence suggests these funds are forwarded to persons associated with terrorism agains the West. This is not a desireable arrangement, though a quick solution appears out of reach.

However, when the government cannot or does not react to these sorts of problems, markets sometimes step up to the plate. Such is the case with the Terror-Free Oil Initiative‘s plan to open its first terror-free gas station, which will provide the opportunity for consumers to purchase gasoline refined from oil sourced from outside the Middle East (Fox News). Evidently Latin American oil is excluded as well. The new station will open in Omaha February 1st, and plans exist to open more stations.

 Will the idea take root? As long as the prices are somewhat competitive, we think there will be enough demand to support some of these “Terror-Free” stations. The Terror-Free Oil Initiative asks visitors to its website  to participate in a poll. Currently, the stats show that 50% of participants would drive over 5 miles to fill up with “terror-free” gas. Is the sample skewed? Certainly. But we still think there is market. We’d buy it.

 The downside of this initiative would be if it overlooked addressing the problem over the long term. Americanrevolution believes that reduced consumption is the only true solution. The Terror-Free Oil Initiative indicates an interest in opening up dialogue concerning alternative energy. If this is kept at the forefront along with the proliferation of Terror-Free gas stations, this will be a great initiative. The Terror-Free Oil Initiative says these stations are the “First Step to Energy Independence.” We say kudos.

 For more info check out the Terror-Free Oil Intiative blog at http://www.terrorfreeoil.blogspot.com/.   

The UN Exposed


The rumblings of corruption within the United Nations have been heard for years, but an almost universal worship of the UN for its noble purpose seems to have suppressed the truth until now. Perhaps it was not this “worship” but instead Kofi Annan’s mastery of politics and media relations. In either case, the truth is that currpution has run amuck in certain UN programs. At last, with Annan now out of the Secretary General seat, it seems that the the suppression of these damaging stories is beginning to unravel. The first blow came in the form of the indictment early this week of Benon Sevan by U.S prosecutors for “taking illegal commissions from an Egyptian oil trader in exchange for helping him secure contracts to purchase Iraqi oil” (International Herald Tribune). Sevan headed the UN oil-for-food program until 2003. The same series of investigations, headed by former Federal Reserve official Paul Volcker, came up short in substantiating claims that Kofi Annan’s son Kojo engaged in corruption as an employee of an oil-for-food program contractor; however evidence sugggests that a massive coverup operation on the part of UN officials had a significant effect on this finding (Capitalism Magazine). Thus, the Sevan indictment was the first indictment related to the oil-for-food scandal.

And now another scandal appears poised to rock the UN.  Fox News today reported that North Korea has been the beneficiary of tens of millions of dollars in UN development aid since 1999, funds which audits show may have never been used for their intended purposes. According to the Fox News article,

NEW YORK —  Has North Korean leader Kim Jong Il subverted the United Nations Development Program, the $4 billion agency that is the U.N.’s main development arm, and possibly stolen tens of millions of dollars of hard currency in the process?

According to a top official of the U.S. State Department — using findings made by the U.N.’s own auditors — the answer appears to be a disturbing yes, so far as UNDP programs in North Korea itself are concerned.

And just as disturbingly, the U.N. aid agency bureaucracy has kept the scamming a secret since at least 1999 — while the North Korean dictator and his regime were ramping up their illegal nuclear weapons program and making highly publicized tests of intermediate range ballistic missiles.

 Most disgusting is the fact that this story was brought to light by U.S. investigators, while the UN itself failed to recognize this slap in the face of the transparency it would like to pride itself in. The sense one gets is that much, much more lies beneath the surface. It is time to bring it out. Kudos to the U.S. diplomatic team responsible seeking the truth. If the UN is to honor its charter, it should at least be able to attempt the impossible without being hampered by massive corruption. And yet, this august conference of nations appears to suffer all the maladies of our own Washington, District of Corruption, muliplied by its international scope.



Meet Mitt

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney would like you to think he is the clear frontrunner to carry the GOP banner in 2008. Senator John McCain would hope you believe otherwise, as would the other potential hopeful Rudy Giuliani. Romney’s camp has engaged in highly publicized fundraising in order to craft this frontrunner image, recently netting $1 million in a one-day blitz (Boston Globe). 

Romney faces some key obstacles in his bid for the GOP nomination, and even beyond if he gets the nod. The stigma that his Mormon faith holds for many will be a factor, as will his past stances gun-control (Boston Globe) and abortion (Spectator). These concerns do not escape Romney’s notice. His approach has been highly proactive, perhaps best exemplified by the informal summit he hosted at his home last November with various national religious leaders (Boston Globe).

A very slick web site is up at www.mittromney.com, where the public is invited to meet Romney through MittTV.  Among other things, the Mitt propaganda seeks to highlight his principled pro-marriage stance in the state of Massachusetts, where battle have raged over gay marriage.  A strong position on national security is also prominent. The strong push to win over the GOP base is clear, and Mitt’s message will likely present a strong alternative to John McCain, who maverick image may concern some of the more staid GOP faithful. ah, but lest we forget the aforementioned Mormon issue. Bottom line, early analysis shows Mitt with perhaps an early lead in the contest, but once McCain engages the tables are liable to turn quickly, provided no strong latecomers join the mix. See some MittTV here: