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Terror-Free Oil

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It is unquestionable that the extent of our dependence upon foreign oil puts America largely at the mercy of the suppliers of that oil…ahem [slight pause while I cringe at the sound of Pelosi spouting off on the telly again] . Aside from the position of dependence we found ourselves in as a result, the unfortunate secondary effect is that a large percentage of the revenue our fossil-fuel habit generates ends up in the pockets of foreign leaders of questionable allegiance to American interests. Some evidence suggests these funds are forwarded to persons associated with terrorism agains the West. This is not a desireable arrangement, though a quick solution appears out of reach.

However, when the government cannot or does not react to these sorts of problems, markets sometimes step up to the plate. Such is the case with the Terror-Free Oil Initiative‘s plan to open its first terror-free gas station, which will provide the opportunity for consumers to purchase gasoline refined from oil sourced from outside the Middle East (Fox News). Evidently Latin American oil is excluded as well. The new station will open in Omaha February 1st, and plans exist to open more stations.

 Will the idea take root? As long as the prices are somewhat competitive, we think there will be enough demand to support some of these “Terror-Free” stations. The Terror-Free Oil Initiative asks visitors to its website  to participate in a poll. Currently, the stats show that 50% of participants would drive over 5 miles to fill up with “terror-free” gas. Is the sample skewed? Certainly. But we still think there is market. We’d buy it.

 The downside of this initiative would be if it overlooked addressing the problem over the long term. Americanrevolution believes that reduced consumption is the only true solution. The Terror-Free Oil Initiative indicates an interest in opening up dialogue concerning alternative energy. If this is kept at the forefront along with the proliferation of Terror-Free gas stations, this will be a great initiative. The Terror-Free Oil Initiative says these stations are the “First Step to Energy Independence.” We say kudos.

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Written by John Riewe

January 24, 2007 at 1:39 am