Speaker Pelosi Confused, Thinks She's Secretary of State

Last Friday Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) took it upon herself to reach out to the Dalai Lama in beleaguered Tibet, visiting its universally revered religious leader and appearing with him in ethnic garb for a series of photo ops. She denounced the oppression of the Chinese government perpetrated upon the Tibetian populace. “As a freedom-loving people, if we don’t speak out about the Chinese oppression, then we have lost our right to speak on human rights,” Pelosi grandly stated. Wrapped up in self-righteous euphoria, she was not to be stopped by concern that maybe there were more pressing matters facing her own constituents, or that perhaps there were plenty of other oppressed folks out there that she hasn’t felt the urge to publicly support. Was it a play to boost her dreadful approval ratings? Or just a chance to get some rare media coverage in a Presidential Election year? The answer remains unclear, but what is clear is that Pelosi seems to forget we pay professionals to the foreign relations thing for us.

China is Bunch of Jerks, Ruins Thanksgiving for American Troops and Families

Apparently it was to be Thanksgiving to remember, with thousands of American sailors set to meet their relatives in Hong Kong to share turkey and cranberry sauce shaped like a can-thousands of miles from home. Hundreds of sailors families had even arrived in Hong Kong, and there were their heroes cruising into the harbor with the Pacific Fleet. But alas, the stuffy leaders of the land that boasts being the worlds largest exporter of date-rape drug-laced toys said NO WAY! And thus, the fleet was turned away.

Then, once the fleet was under full steam away from the former British province, the Chinese felt bad about all those poor American famailies who flew all the way to Hong Kong (or maybe the sting of potential lost revenue for Hong Kong retailers), and did an about faces, saying they would let the troops come in for “humanitarian reasons.” 

Click here for more. The proper response if clear: an immediate embargo on Chinese imports!