1. Deen · January 28, 2010

    Am I the only one who has noticed that the Politico polls and RCP comment boards are now dominated by anti-Obama respondents? Now, don’t get me wrong…I am one of them. I am just wondering if the domination is due to people changing their minds about him, or everyone who does not like what he and the Dems are doing go to vent. I really wish you had to provide some demographic/partisan info in order to post a comment.

    • americanrevolution · January 28, 2010

      Great observation Deen. I’ve been wondering the same thing. Clearly all polls like this are unscientific, but when they are presented by sources that are generally accepted to be fair (like Politico) I think one tends to be less sceptical of the results. Still as you say there is no way to eliminate the possibility of conservative activists in this case ganging up on the poll as it were. My sense is that while these polls may overestimate the dissatisfaction with the Obama presidency the fact that Obama is consistently showing so poorly in so many of them probably reinforces to some extent what the more scientific opinion polls are also telling us.

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