When one is a member of an organization, he or she soon realizes that seldom does everything done to achieve that organization’s goals go according to plan. Sometime this is the result of outside forces–things that members of the organization have no control over. Many other mishaps are the result of mistakes made by members of the organization. In all but the rarest of organizations mistakes are a fact of life–phone calls someone forgot to return, incorrect items shipped, data entered incorrectly, etc.

Sometimes these mistakes create minor nuisances, but sometimes the effects of certain mistakes can put into jeopardy the ability to achieve the organizations goals. These are the moments when members of the organization that have to deal directly with cleaning up the mess must put forth exceptional effort to overcome it. This individual will, however, most likely have to rely on the help of other members of the organization to achieve this. Here is where those members have a chance to shine.

I call those who shine given these opportunities MVPs. The principles of teamwork apply perfectly. These MVPs earn this moniker by reacting calmly in crisis, by developing creative solutions, by cutting through red tape, by sacrificing their time.

In a sea of mediocrity and underachievment, those who shine deserve recognition, most of all from those who benefit from their dedication and ability. Kudos to the MVPs that have helped me out of jams.


A Few Thoughts on Jack Kemp

I first became acquainted with Jack Kemp prior to the Presidential election of 1996. I was about 15, and this was the first election that I paid close attention to. When Kemp was announced as Bob Dole’s running mate, I vividly remember the chants of “Dole-Kemp, Dole-Kemp!” at the GOP convention as I watched on TV. At my young age I was impressed by this former NFL champion-turned-politician who I hoped would energize Bob Dole’s campaign and perhaps give us a chance to boot Slick Willie out of the White House. Alas, it was not to be. But I remember the first campaign signs I ever put up in our yard said Dole-Kemp on them. And I’ve been a fan of Kemp’s ever since, even if in those days I didn’t know anything about his politics other than that he was a Republican. Turns out he was a good conservative. R.I.P. Jack Kemp.