Blago Defies Convention!!!

In a throwback to the days of blatantly corrupt politics, Blagojevich has deftly outmaneuvered his opponents by naming someone to fill out the remainder of Obama’s now-vacant Senate seat. The insanity of it all boggles the mind. Nevermind that Blago is on the cusp of impeachment for allegedly selling that vacant seat. Nevermind that anyone he chose would be tainted by association with Blago. And nevermind that everyone with anything to say about it had promised to block any attempt by Blago to fill the seat.

Blago’s appointment would have been just madness had he simply chosen a white guy dumb enough to accept the appointment. However, in a stroke of genius Blago played the race card with all the understatedness of a Japanese dekotora by selected an well-respected Black statesman, who would replace Obama as the Senate’s only Black. So now US Senate Dems are in a tough spot. Will Harry Reid follow through with his promise to use some kind of archaic procedure to bar Blago’s appointment. As Bobby Rush so diplomatically put it, do 99 white senators want to have their names on a plan to keep Blago’s appointee Burris out? Brilliant, brash, and at the end of the day simply pathetic, that Blago.