John Edwards Has Some Really Creative Field Organizers!

Click the pic to link to Edwards’ Myspace blog, where he touts this clever political cartoon sent in from one of his operatives. Thomast Nast has nothing on this guy! Grab that public financing and run with it John! You could…go…all..the…WAY!!!!



Ron Paul Approves This Message

In case you were somehow still unclear on Ron Paul’s Iraq policy, here it is in a no-frills message to New Hampshire voters:

 To recap, Paul will end the war in Iraq and the war on terror immediately upon being sworn into office. That means he will withdraw (not redeploy, withdraw. No Clintonesque fun with semantics for Ron Paul!) all troops from Iraq. Nevermind the mass carnage that may ensue….

 Anyway, in case you wondered, Paul is at 6.8 percent in NH right now, behind Romney, Giuliani, and McCain.

KUDOS! McCain Joins Troops in Iraq for Thanksgiving

John McCain’s military credentials have been proven time and again, but what better way to remind people than to spend Thanksgiving with the troops in Iraq? He was joined by some fellow lawmakers: Joe Lieberman, I-Conn.; Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.; Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga.; and John Barrasso, R-Wyo. americanrevolution says kudos, McCain (and all the rest). It would be cynical to dismiss this as a publicity stunt, as such a trip comes not without a certain level of discomfort and risk. But it fits in nicely with McCain’s dogged fight to get back into the Presidential race. The Straight Talk Express rolls on albeit over very bumpy terrain.

Edwards Still Appears to be Amateur

Des Moine Register blogger Joel Veldkamp has shed light on another of brilliant plans that make John Edwards such an attractive Presidential candidate. Veldkamp quotes Edwards:

“What we would do is we would submit legislation saying if universal healthcare is not passed by this summer, that the Congress and members of the administration would lose their healthcare coverage.”

“In other words,” observes Veldkamp, “Edwards would ask Congress to deny themselves healthcare if they didn’t pass universal healthcare.”


China is Bunch of Jerks, Ruins Thanksgiving for American Troops and Families

Apparently it was to be Thanksgiving to remember, with thousands of American sailors set to meet their relatives in Hong Kong to share turkey and cranberry sauce shaped like a can-thousands of miles from home. Hundreds of sailors families had even arrived in Hong Kong, and there were their heroes cruising into the harbor with the Pacific Fleet. But alas, the stuffy leaders of the land that boasts being the worlds largest exporter of date-rape drug-laced toys said NO WAY! And thus, the fleet was turned away.

Then, once the fleet was under full steam away from the former British province, the Chinese felt bad about all those poor American famailies who flew all the way to Hong Kong (or maybe the sting of potential lost revenue for Hong Kong retailers), and did an about faces, saying they would let the troops come in for “humanitarian reasons.” 

Click here for more. The proper response if clear: an immediate embargo on Chinese imports!