americanrevolution is completely and utterly fed up with the news story that is gripping the nation. Not by the conclusions being drawn, nor a liberal slant that permeates the coverage. No. Something else makes the story utterly odious. That is, that it receives coverage at all. The story? The Great Tragic Saga of Anna Nicole. americanrevolution is of the opinion that the news–and correspondingly the attention of the populace–should focus on things that actually affect life, liberty and pursuit of American happiness. The outcome of the Anna Nicole debacle, quite simply, matters not one iota. A visiting foreigner would probably think otherwise if they picked up the current issue of Newsweek, which sports a banner advertising its Anna Nicole special inside, or flipped on Fox News last night to see Greta Van Susteren’s hourlong special on the Anna Nicole trials.

This ridiculous fixation speaks to two things. First, it underlines the fact that the media is not in it to inform, rather, the media is in it for the money; and dirty laundry sells. Second, it strongly suggests where Americans’ priorities lie. This story is best left to the entertainment media. I don’t want it headlining my news. Pardon the crusty demeanor, but this one just annoys the heck out of me.

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