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Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney would like you to think he is the clear frontrunner to carry the GOP banner in 2008. Senator John McCain would hope you believe otherwise, as would the other potential hopeful Rudy Giuliani. Romney’s camp has engaged in highly publicized fundraising in order to craft this frontrunner image, recently netting $1 million in a one-day blitz (Boston Globe). 

Romney faces some key obstacles in his bid for the GOP nomination, and even beyond if he gets the nod. The stigma that his Mormon faith holds for many will be a factor, as will his past stances gun-control (Boston Globe) and abortion (Spectator). These concerns do not escape Romney’s notice. His approach has been highly proactive, perhaps best exemplified by the informal summit he hosted at his home last November with various national religious leaders (Boston Globe).

A very slick web site is up at, where the public is invited to meet Romney through MittTV.  Among other things, the Mitt propaganda seeks to highlight his principled pro-marriage stance in the state of Massachusetts, where battle have raged over gay marriage.  A strong position on national security is also prominent. The strong push to win over the GOP base is clear, and Mitt’s message will likely present a strong alternative to John McCain, who maverick image may concern some of the more staid GOP faithful. ah, but lest we forget the aforementioned Mormon issue. Bottom line, early analysis shows Mitt with perhaps an early lead in the contest, but once McCain engages the tables are liable to turn quickly, provided no strong latecomers join the mix. See some MittTV here:


Written by John Riewe

January 18, 2007 at 3:18 am

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