Nothing Happened

Well, August 22’s nuclear announcement from Iran came and went, and did so without incident. So benign was it in fact that on the evening of August 22, the story did not appear on the homepage. Regardless of the absence of hoopla in the wake of the announcement, it actually arrived as Iran promised. It was none too surprising, and full of the ambiguities expected.

Iran has not publicly annouced yet whether it will agree to stop enrichment of uranium, though sources hint that Iran is likely not to agree thusly. The major focus of the response was the opening of dialogue on the issue. Iran evidently is ready for “serious negotiations” on the subject of nuclear development. That ought to be fun. Iran may act at times irrationally, but all the same it is well-versed in some pieces of diplomacy, notably stalling tactics. One can only imagine that the “dialogue” Iran seeks to engage in will be just that.

On the bright side, there was no nuclear attack on Israel.

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