Why all the Fuss?

Today authorities nabbed the man who evidently was the killer of JonBenet Ramsey, the 6-year old beauty pageant queen murdered in 1996. Her parents have been cast as suspects for most of that time, but this new arrest will purportedly absolve them of such accusations. Story here.

My question is this: Why is this such a big deal?

I am sure that you now think I am cruel and heartless; but hear this. How many people of the world have died in the last ten years? Why do we focus on JonBenet Ramsey, and place so much importance on this case? The deaths of the 42,000 or so that perished in car accidents in 2004 were no less tragic. Nor were the almost 100,000 rapes that year. Or the over 16,000 murders.

The point is,admittedly at the expense of covering a morbid subject, that there is a lack of proportionality in the news. JonBenet was singled out because here parents were rich and she was an underage pageant queen. This is the kind of story that sells. In fact, if the media had treated it more in the way it treats most murders (very briefly), perhaps here bereaved parents would have been saved their being dragged through the proverbial mud by all media from tabloids to what we consider more reputable publications.

I’m glad that Mr. Ramsey and his late wife are no longer subject to the suspicion that plagued them for ten years, redoubling the pain of having their daughter murdered. I just think that this story is completely overblown, and really gives undue attention to one over many thousands of others who faced tragedy but were somehow less glamorous or scandalous. Do that make sense?

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