Bad Calls

And speaking of DAILYKOS, check out the video of Virginia Senatorial candidate George Allen making some arguably demeaning comments toward one of his opponent’s campaign workers, a University of Virginia senior who follows Allen on the campaign trail with a video camera. The Republicans need this election too badly to say such ridiculous things that might be spun in fact as racist. In case you forgot, AMERICANREVOLUTION dishes the diss when its deserved, even if the dissee hails from the GOP.

Mahmood Ahmadinejad Joins the Blogoshere

Indeed. In showing a clear grasp of the way ideas and thoughts are communicated in the modern age, Iran’s psycho president has started a blog to articulate what is on his mind. As much as it might be a publicity stunt, it is demostrative of how successful the terrorist movement has been in utilising media outlets to fight its battles. Characteristically, however, it spouts a great deal of ridiculous propaganda that might remind one of similar materials that would have emanated from communist regimes in their “good old days.” The most glaring example of this bluster is the poll in which the blog invites visitors to participate. The question itself is fallacious; it asks the participant to identify whether or not “the US and Israeli intention and goal by attacking Lebanon is pulling the trigger for another word ?war.” Take a look at this freak show for yourself. This, we should keep in mind, is that man who would destroy Israel and the US. And he’s not kidding. In light of this, one imagines that Ahmadinejad will be extended a rather chilly welcome to the blogosphere; though in some twisted way perhaps DAILYKOS will find it in their liberal hearts some way to extend hospitality to the co-emperor of the Axis of Evil.