The Left Blogoshere: Piling on

I as you know, in the search of truth I keep my salt shaker handy when I go to the bloggers. That’s because msot of them fall into either the Right or Left blogosphere, and thus are fraught with parisan biases. In yesterday’s “fauxtography and propaganda” story, I was careful to tread with caution with reference to blog-sourced news, specifically in this case Right-wing blogs.

The Left-wing blogs are, as far as I can tell, less about being the self-appointed media ombudsmen and much more about promulgating virulent attacks upon their enemies. Take for instance DAILYKOS, one of the most prominent liberal blogs. This guy is brutal. The Joe Lieberman story is still the headline, and Kos absolutely pounds Lieberman. Who will run his campaign?! Who will donate money?! Kos poses these questions with a disgusting air of superiority. If the Republican Lieberman backers were charging the Dems with nothing less than booting the senior Senator out the door, well, the Dems appear none too ashamed to hide it; in fact they are gloating.

Howard Dean is evidently having more of an impact on the DNC than I gave him credit for. The party is going hard left, and to their own detriment. As I have said time and again, this crazy Democratic party looks poised to completely blow a golden opportunity to take control of the Congress. We’re going to Connecticut and beyond. Yaaargh!