fauxtography and propaganda

If you were unanware, the blogger nation is working overtime to expose the propaganda campaign perpetrated by Hizballah in Lebanon. As you no doubt have seen, Reuters has admitted that photos supplied by a contributing photojournalist from Lebanon were in fact photoshopped to make the devastation in those photos appear more dramatic; as a result the photos were removed from all Reuters media and the contributor thereof was canned. This came to pass largely as a result to those nerdy bloggers, who began to question what they were seeing in the media and then determined to analyze these pictures more carefully. One should usually take the word of right (and left) wing bloggers with a grain of salt; but in this case they were vindicated by Reuters.

And this is only the most publicised result of the bloggosphere’s massive media watchdog action. After careful analysis, other bloggers are beginning to paint a picture of the tragedy in Lebanon as a large-scale stage production by Hizballah to discredit Israel and by proxy the US. It would be numskullish to discount the tragedy in Lebanon, but there is I think some merit to the charges made by the bloggers that Hizballah is engaging in a bit of shucking and jiving in order to win the war of popular opinion. And that is smart on their part. But if American journalists are indeed being led by Hizballah handlers through a dog-and-pony show, then it is irresponsible of them to not report it. Maybe I should trust the media enough to take them at their word that none of this is happening; but somehow its hard for me to use “trust” and “media” in the same sentence.

This doctored photo scandal involving Reuters is the latest in a line of various shortcomings in the media, shortcomings including the likes of Dan Rather’s infamous forged papers that earned the venerable news anchor a dismissal from CBS. It would be great to have an impartial watchdog for the media; unfortunately, all the “watchdogs” arrive from the out reaches of political ideology. In the Reuters case, though, the bloggers have come through.

Now to the controversial stuff. Bloggers in many cases are unafraid to tread the waters of political incorrectness; indeed AMERICANREVOLUTION is unafraid to do so when circumstances require it. In the links I am providing below, we find instances where the bloggers have opted to be callous to suffering for moment to show what they feel is strong evidence of a Hizballah-orchestrated propaganda campaign in Lebanon. For the faint of heart, these links do show graphic images of death. But if you dare to see what the blogger watchdogs are up to, see the Gateway Pundit’s expose on an “unbelievable (perhaps not hyperbole?) fraud” in the NYTimes. Then look at this piece on EUReferendum showing some more “orchestrated” devastation.

AMERICANREVOLUTION would love to hear your thoughts on this one.