I like to take weekends off, and this is a long one. But I’ll try to throw out a little bit of stuff for those of you nerdy enough to wonk all through the weekend.

FOXNews.com is doing a series on declassified documents captured by US forces in Iraq. These are state documents containing the words of Saddam Hussein himself as well as numerous secretaries, functionaries, proxies and such. Of course they will get no mainstream press coverage because they strongly suggest that Hussein was very cozy with terrorist leaders and organizations like Al Qaeda. I haven’t read all of this latest one, which you can see here.

If some Republican congressmen are speaking the truth, and FOXNews’s project is legit, then it appears that there are actually hundreds of WMDs in Iraq. Investigate THAT, NY Times. You just might find egg on your face. Or not. But lets look into this and see what the deal is. I want fact from someone besides the Right. But I think the Left is scared to know the truth. Either way, if both accounts end up true, the Republicans might actually pick up a few seats this fall.