"I voted for troop withdrawal, before I voted against it"

Senator John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) has stepped up to the plate to help spearhead the Senate Democrats’ push for a pullout of US troops from Iraq. In typical Kerryesque fashion, however, this initiative is on the verge of collapse due to a failure to pursue only one agenda. That’s right, John Kerry has flip-flopped yet again.

As we know, Sen. Kerry danced not so deftly around the Iraq issue during the 2004 Presidential campaign, an exercise best characterized by his much-maligned “I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it” gaffe. Since then, he has from time to time agitated for a concrete deadline for a withdrawal from Iraq.

Kerry’s latest gem was begun last week when he promised to push to pull out of Iraq by December 31 of this year. Last Monday (June 12), Kerry on his website announced his intent to introduce an amendment to that effect. But alas, as Monday’s session came to a close, the Senator from Massachusetts had not yet moved to have his amendment considered. Not to worry, however, as the Senate Republicans took it upon themselves to sponsor it. It promptly went down in flames to the tune of a 93-6 vote.

So having lost his stomach for a December 31 ultimatum, Kerry is this week touting his new amendment, this time joined unsurprisingly by Senators Barbara Boxer and Russ Feingold. This one appears to settle for a less-ambitious July 1, 2007 withdrawal date (its proximity to July 4 making a resolution to cancel Independence Day festivities in favor a of a national day of shame seem pertinent). To Kerry, Feingold, and Boxer, it obviously makes sense to fight fire with, well, nothing. “The goal of the Kerry-Feingold plan is to undermine the insurgency by…the redeployment of American forces,” according to the press release.

So how will this work out or Kerry? The more important question is how this will work out for the Democrats. “Top Democratic aides said they expect that idea will crash under the same bipartisan opposition” as the June 12 amendment, according to FOXNews.com. It is yet another example of how in spite of the manifold political opportunities afforded the Dems by a fumbling GOP, the Dean team still suffers the same lack of a singular voice that has spelled their defeat time and again for the past several years.

And as for John Kerry, it looks he is only further cementing his dubious image so well earned in 2004.

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  1. Anonymous · June 22, 2006

    Don’t so hard on Kerry. That is shameful to put the bunny suit pictuer up there. For NASA to set that up was horrible. It doesnt even pertain to your story.

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