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Cut and Run

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Monday Senate Democrats proposed an amendment to phase US troops out of Iraq beginning by the end of this year and calling for the White House to provide a plan for continued redeployment past 2006. However Senator Carl Levin (D-Michigan) says this is “not a timetable.” Looking into the details of the proposal, it appears that it does in fact go so far as to limit the troops left in Iraq after the pullout begins to training and support for Iraqi forces.

Sounds to me like cut and run without concrete dates. It really boils down to the Democrats pandering to poll numbers and appealing to those who think we’re losing thousands of Americans daily. To hear men who have served in Iraq talk, they are dumbstruck by the perception of the war created in the media. “Its nothing like that,” I heard one say. Recent breakthoughs in Iraq make for an optimistic outlook there; so it would be a shame to follow the Dems’ plan and admit defeat and pullout now. Its shameful that the Dems would play such politics with something as grave as the war in Iraq. Its shameful that they are willing to tell the world “well, we were wrong, and we lost as we deserved to,” especially when we have a legitimiate stake in Iraq’s future. Its further shameful that they are willing to disrespect the hard-fought gains of the coalition troops in Iraq, and the sacrifices made by 2500 US troops, by saying in effect, “it wasn’t worth it.”


Written by John Riewe

June 20, 2006 at 11:44 am